Malo Ground Beef Pickle Taco, Silverlake CA

The amazing artist Brian Wills  hipped me to this taco.

When he told me about it, I was like GROSS. You're kidding me. A taco with a sliced hamburger pickle inside it? EEEEIIIIWWWWW.

But then I tried it. And I wasn't drunk yet either. Why it's so good I don't know. Is it authentically Mexican? Heck no, but it's tasty, and in the end, I am an American enjoying a hybrid mix of culture clash in a Latino infused city.

Very simple ingredients... nice seasoned ground beef mixture, a few pickles, a pinch of cheddar cheese and a mild-ish, smooth, lightly cooked tomato salsa. No lettuce, no raw tomatoes. They are not missed.

Sure, their awesome Angelina Margarita with hibiscus and a chili spice rim makes them taste about 10x better, but they're pretty good on their own.

You can get them at a daily 5pm happy hour or the crazy Monday night taco special all night or at Sunday brunch one at a time. Otherwise you have to get them 2 at a time for more money, and I always want 3!

Thank you Brian, you changed my taco life!


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