House of Tacos! Ingledwood Again, for Great Tacos

Yes that is really their name! AND they have a sign just under it that says "Experts in Taconology".

It's a bold claim, but I believe they have earned the right. The sign also indicates that they have Papusas and other Salvadorian food as well. Are the owner Salvadorian? No. Go figure. But I do feel like some of their signature touches.... saffron on the shrimp and in the rice for one... are definitely NOT Mexican.

My favorite thing here is the ground turkey taco. You can get it hard or soft. NO ONE IN THIS TOWN makes a ground turkey taco. It's beyond awesome just that it exists. They have a ground beef one too, incredible shrimp and all the other usual suspects.

One of the most charming aspects of this place, (hidden on Market St. in Inglewood, behind  O'REILLY AUTO) is the fact that the guy who takes your order is John from Chicago.

He seems to remember every face and exactly how many times you have been there and he couldn't be nicer or more efficient. Yay John! Or is it Juan?

Anyhoo, please watch our humble video and get yourself over there for some tasty taco treats.

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