My Taco! Highland Park, CA on York

Yes. It's really called that.

VERY cute little place in Highland Park on York Blvd. near Figueroa. I can't believe my good fortune that I live SO close to it!

J. Gold put them on the map by singing the well-deserved praises of their Borrego. Roasted Lamb that they serve with tortillas and consume even!

I love their potato taco and since that has been our 'theme of the week', I made a little movie of myself eating one. I really like how their filling is reddish... nicely seasoned. Good crunchy shell that is somehow not greasy, nice white shredded cheese. I wish they had a few more salsas, but the ones that they have are fine.

Yum yum crunch crunch!

My Potato Taco - at My Taco in Highland Park from Taco Maven on Vimeo.

P.S. They are also famous so their crazy fries. The equivalent of chili fries except it's carne asada on top. I have no interest, but people 'sigh' over them big time.


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