Eating in and Around Mexico City. Food Heaven in La Condesa

Yes it's true. I am here al centro de tacos en DF, aka Mexico City. I am focusing only on tacos and doing a bit of salsa dancing. I am not going to any museums (gasp). And I am not shopping.

So far I have eaten....

Amazing Pastor Tacos (La Cueva del Leon)
Crazy Good Alhambre Tacos (@ Tacos Hola)
Revelatory Longaniza Taco (sausage, onions, magic @ Tacos Hola)
Falafelito (little mini balls in mini bread. It was GREAT)
Delicious thin crust prosciutto w/ fig pizza (From Pizza Amore)
The Best Tacos in The World (Tacos Gus)
Lip Smacking Celery Salad (Delirio)
Gyro style tacos (Tacos Greco)
Tasty Gourmet (Gulie)
Perfect French Onion Soup (Rojo Bistro)
Innovative Cardammom Roll (Fresh, by Diego)
Decadent Tacos Chester (Tacos El Caminero)

I am only here for 5 days but sweating it all off at one of the most beautiful yoga studios I have ever seen at Bikram Yoga on Campeche in La Condesa.

Life is goooooooooooooooooooood.

Here is my journey through the Reforma area, right behind the big famous statue of the golden angel. The statue commemorates heroes from their fight for independence from Spain and was started in 1902. It really is very cool and worth seeing.

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