Tacos Gus in La Condesa, Mexico City

The ultimate in Mexico style tacos. Gus is the brother or relative of the people at Tacos Hola. He decided to bust a move and open his own place. He is young and has lots of ideas. His place is very very very HIP. He is so so so nice and all his workers are nice too.

He literally has 20 kinds of tacos which you can see in the video. Lots of veggie options too... zuchinni squash, cauliflower, chile relleno etc.

His salsas are wonderful and he even has a bowl of pineapple to put on the pastor. Now to be fair, I only tried 6 tacos... and the only weak link of the 6 was the pastor, I think because his trompo was very small and they cut it off and fried it on the grill.

For some reason it just didn't have the right texture or flavor. No way can it beat Cueva Leon, because that is basically all they do over there. But really, who needs pastor when you have all these other amazing things all for about $1.25.

I can't say enough how great this is and how you must must must MUST go there!!!!!!

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