Tacos Hola and Cueva Leon. Great Tacos in Mexico City!

This first video represents two places. The first place is pretty much a hole in the wall on Amsterdam Ave. where I had two amazing things there I never had before. The ALAMBRE taco is indeed related to the word alambre which means 'wire'. The meat is cooked on a shish-kabob. The metal stick being thought of as a type of wire. More Arabian influence. After it's cooked it's chopped up into a delicious mixture of meat, onions and peppers.

The second amazing taco was just called LONGANIZA. I learned that this is a special kind of sausage, different from chorizo in that it is less spicy and must have anise seeds in it. Popular in Portugal and Puerto Rico and even the Phillipines! VERY interesting. I really liked the sweetness and the mix had lots of caramelized onions in it too.

They really know their shite here. So so so so so FUN being a global jet setting taco reporter.

PS. Here is a great youtube video of Don Gueros. They are very well known and popular. I walked by their cart but this must be their restaurant...

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