An Opiniated List of Taco Places and Burritos in San Francisco

biting into a 'super taco' for $4 from Los Hermanos

A Note about Tacos in SF. On one of my first trips, in search of a crispy taco, I came upon Nick’s Crispy Tacos. That place is beyond awful. In the daylight you can see the barf stains on the carpet by the bar and it smells bad. The tacos were crappy too.

On that same trip I had some pretty decent crispies at La Canasta. Old women silently frowning over a hot grill. Nice people. Good prices.

Of course everyone loves the Mission. La Taqueria and La Cumbre being 2 of the authentico hotspots. I haven’t hit those yet, but  I will.

A visiting Frenchmen told me about Papito, but he pronounced it Pah-pee-teau with the emphasis on the 'teau' and it sounded very French. I took a look at their menu and I’m not sure what I feel or think about it, but people seem to like it. I am just an upscale fusion taco biatch. No way around it.

People also recommended Mamasita on Chesnut, but I didn't have a chance to try. That will probably be my first stop next time.
We tried to find the mysterious weird fish taco bike , but I think they are on hiatus.
I had a GREAT taco experience at Tacolicious on Chestnut Street. Sure, the Filet Mignon taco was $6.50, but it was goooooooooooood. So was my Pomegranate Margarita. 
Across the street from Tacolicious was a cool old neon sign that said Los Hermanos.  I thought it was a dark bar/restaurant that would have good crispy old school tacos, but when we went over there it was actually a bright hole-in-the-wall fast food place next to a cool old divey bar. 

I said to myself, ‘self, if they don’t have a crispy taco we are so outta here’. But they did have one. Their ‘super taco’ with ground beef, guacamole, sour cream, yellow cheese and lettuce in pre-baked shell was a tasty 1970's flashback. I had to take it home to eat it because I was pretty full, but it held up and tasted great in my friend's kitchen. YUM.

PS Just for your reading pleasure... here is a list of the Best Burritos in SF... up for debate apparently!

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