La Casita Mexicana and a Fantastic Potato Taco

After being sad and slightly miffed that Potato Tacos are only made on Tuesday, I sucked it up and went back today, Tuesday, to try some Tacos.

Chef Ramiro Arvizu was in da house. What a sweetheart! I bought some tacos to go and it turned out he was there and had a few minutes... he then ordered me a hugely generous amount of chow and talked to me for half an hour.

Here is our video of the interview.

Here are some fun videos so you can get to know them a bit more...

http://www.blip.tv/file/4669099  (Korean Food Challenge)

They won and their recipe is in a Bobby Flay cookbook. I had the winning Chili relleno. Light and fresh and tasty. No cheese. No batter! Just fresh organic nopales and mushrooms.

Get to Bell please.

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