Jonathan Sedlar & Playa

As I said on this week's show (#18) I have been hearing about this man and his food since 1987. My ex-inlaws were huge fans and even had the cookbook. I can still see that Navajo Blanket Jicama Beet Salad in my mind's eye. They have eaten at ALL of his restaurants. I haven't made it even to one, usually for financial reasons.

I had heard that he was pressing flowers into tortillas at his downtown restaurant Rivera. I had some success with my own immitation on Valentine's Day but I didn't realize I was supposed to use waxpaper with the tortilla press! Double Doh and Duh.

Here is a great instructional video on how to make your own fancy schmancy tortillas with flowers in them. I used lavendar and rosemary flowers and some geraniums. Gelson's usually has some edible flowers for sale near the salad and herbs. Bristol Farms probably does too.

Now he's gone and opened Playa. http://www.playarivera.com/

It looks like so much fun, including the high end complicated cocktails. I am DYING to go. Maybe for my birthday in June.

Here also is a great link to all of the LA Weekly articles about him.

Older Bio can be found here.

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