Las Perlas Mezcal y Tequila Bar DTLA


What a fantastic place. Dark and moody yet mysterious and somewhat spiritual, the whole place is dedicated to style and gourmet drinks.

Super hot bartenders with a very professional attitude who seemingly never tire of answering the question... 'um... what's the difference between tequila and mezcal?' Location, location, location and smoke. Most mezcal is made in Oaxaca and is 'melted' or smoked rather than steamed.

Mezcal also often has a higher alcohol content than tequila. I find the buzz to be very stony and psychedelic as if I've eaten Peyote... although I've never eaten Peyote so I have no idea what I'm talking about!

I wish they had chips and salsa but it's ok. I absolutely LOVED my drink which was called 400 Rabbits (a myriad of ingredients including port syrup and pinot and other delights, garnished with flowers.)

Like me, they seem to love rabbits, but instead of being cuddly, their rabbits look like they took some peyote. Las Perlas means 'the pearls' so I'm not sure where the rabbits (conejos or liebres) figure in, but I LIKE it.

My friend got the Spicy Margarita which was a beautiful pale frothy green and included both jalapenos and cucumbers.

Definitely a great place for a movie premiere or private party - especially if you could bring in food to go with those fancy drinks.

Located on 6th street, just S. of Main, across the street from Cole's and Varnish.

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