Eat Tacos in Sun Valley, Idaho

I went to visit a friend who lives in Sun Valley, Idaho. The Ski Season is ending and come July the Fishing Season will begin. I had some awesome tacos! There is a lot of Mexican Food in the small towns of Ketchum and nearby Hailey.

Here are the places we either ate at or researched!

Lago Azul (In Hailey on Croy St.) GREAT crispy chicken tinga tacos. Authentic. Also has Salvadorian food. They come in 2nd every year to Despo's in a Best Mexican Food Poll, but I think they are just as good if not better.

KB's (used to be in Ketchum - names means Ketchum Burritos - now they are in Hailey on the main drag)
SUPER friendly, clean, tasty Amerimex food. Cozy place to hang out too.

La Parilla (in Ketchum on the main drag in an old train) New owner took over about 6 months ago. About to get a beer/wine permit. Really good authentic food. The chef/owner cooked Pastor on the streets of Juarez for many years before coming to Idaho.

Despo's (in Ketchum, right off of Main St. on 4th st.  (http://www.despossv.com/) They have been there for 25 years, they have been written up ALOT (Sunset Magazine Best Burritos) and they have a very clever slogan... 'Mexican Food with Altitude'. They also serve Margaritas (real ones) and are very kid friendly. I was looking for a less trendy, mainstream experience so I didn't go in.

One other place, La Cabanita, had a few Yelp fans, but it was a little sad looking and closed on Sunday so we didn't go in. They are on 5th st. down from Main.

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