Tofu Taco Recipes and Mini Guide to Tofu Tacos in LA

My favorite kind of taco is a pastor off the spit (trompo) with grilled pineapple, BUT, these tofu tacos that we made Taco Talk Episode #30 were pretty darn GREAT.

To recap, our favorite Tofu Tacos in LA so far are....

Las Anitas on Olvera St. (crispy soy taco)
The Calbi Taco Truck (Asian firm tofu taco)
Taco Spot on Colorado (In Eagle Rock - ALL their tacos are pretty light there)
Trejo's Tacos (Mid Wilshire Area at 1048 S. La Brea)
Tacos Tu Madre (Westwood Blvd and 1824 N. Vermont in Los Feliz)

I recommend two kinds of Tofu Tacos. For one kind, you can use the same seasoning as you would for a ground beef taco - use spice packets, fresh jalapeno, canned tomato, chili powder, canned corn, add beans etc. Serve in a crispy shell and garnish with the usual suspects (shredded lettuce, shredded cheese, etc.)

The trick is to not let it get too soupy. Strain a little if you have too so your taco won't sog out.

For the second, I always use an EXTRA FIRM SEASONED TOFU. Healthfood stores are full of options with savory seasonings. You slice it like you would cheese. You don't even need to heat it. Heat your tortilla, get a nice combo bowl of finly shredded stuff (carrots, cabbage, onion, cilantro, beets) and add whatever salsa or cheese (feta?) that you like.

If you have a favorite ginger sesame dressing, this works well drizzled over instead of salsa. Most market sell a good one in the Japanese section.

Lots of room to be creative here!

Say 'Tofu' and smile.

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