A Taco Birthday Week!

My birthday fell on a Thurs. this week, so I took the day off from my Taco Talk duties and had a little party at Yamashiro's. I just love that Farmer's Market they have every Thursday replete with killer Asian tacos, the Heirloom LA truck and S'mores that you make at your table! Oh... and... GREAT BOOZE.

They also have fun stuff for kids! balloon animal man, face painting and a fish pond. This time I used their free shuttle service and it was excellent. The only rub is that if your kids need a car seat then they aren't allowed in the van for insurance reasons. In this case you must drive to the top of the hill and pay the valet fee which is around $8.

On the way to Yamashiro's (we came from the West down Venice Blvd. to La Brea) we stopped at the Gallito Truck (bright yellow on the corner) and on the way back, we stopped at Leo's (on the other corner across the street by the gas station).

Both tacos were decent, but Leo's was off that night. The meat tasted like it had been dropped in bbq ash and dusted off. The pineapple tasted canned. There was none of the clean, flat, slightly sweet pink roasted shavings they are famous for. Meat was tough too. Maybe it wasn't even pastor. Maybe my friend ordered the wrong thing.

All is forgiven.... IT WAS A ROCKING TACO BIRTHDAY!!!!!


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