Plancha Tacos! Hollywood

I love this place. They are so AWESOME. Here are the reasons for their AWESOMENESS... (not necessarily in order!)

1. They serve breakfast all day (until Midnight in fact)
2. They are good at Tweeting!
3. They have lettuce wrap tacos that are done with Boston lettuce and not Iceberg!
4. Their shrimp tacos with cheese sauce are SUICIDALLY HEAVENLY!
5. The people who work there are BEYOND nice.
6. They have FREE WIFI
7. It's very clean inside.
8  They have excellent vegetarian options
9. Their beans are a creamy mix of black and pinto
10. They make TOGO ordering E-Z.

veggie menu

Several people told me about this place but none of them could remember the name! Uh... it's on 3rd street kind of on a side street but it's really good.... I think of 3rd St. and all I can think of is Joan's and I start to salivate.

shrimp and fish tacos

Plancha is located next to a little mini mall at the corner of Sweetzer & 3rd St. There is decent parking in the hood and they have a few outside tables too if you want to bring your Chihuahua.

8250 W. 3rd St.