Diablo Taco, Silverlake

While I was in Mexico, I got several emails about this new taco spot. Quickly checked out the menu and decided to go when I got back.

Diablo is a gourmet taco fusion place with heart. They are friendly not fussy. They are respectful of the almighty taco, but not afraid to be cheeky with items such as Beef Cheek tacos and Dodger Dog tacos.

The owner/manager Summer Stearns hosted me with charm, skill and generosity. The head taco chef and co-owner Casey Wiele was wonderful as well.

Most importantly, the tacos were friggin' delicious. Of course my fav was the Bison chile with yellow cheese and banana peppers. SO TASTY. I had never had Bison before and I'm not so gamey in general but this taco is a keeper.

Other delicious and innovative tacos include the Pok Chuk (marinated pork, radishes and slaw) Maple Fried Chicken, Pork Belly with caramelized bananas and peanuts, and a fabulous veggie taco with tempura-battered Woodhouse Mushrooms, roasted tomatoes and a garlic aioli made from soy.

Delicious Popsicles for Dessert!
I especially loved their taco shells which were very yellow, thin, grilled and never broke once. I tasted about 10 different varieties. The chef has them made at a local factory but he supplies all the ingredients. You can see him talking about it in the above video.

They also do something fun called Skins. Right now you have a choice between Kurabuta chicharron, fried chicken skins and potato skins. They come with a choice of excellent sauces.

Add to this at least 3 gourmet daily salads and a fantastic beer selection plus tart Sangria and you can not go wrong.

The Amazing Michelada
Dessert is delicious cookies and various homemade Paletas or Popsicles. The best Popsicle of all is the tomato, chili, Worcestershire, spicy one that can be found in their amazing Michelada. A tall chilled glass, gourmet grey salt on the rim and a floating Popsicle all add up to one of the best Mexican beer cocktails I have had ANYWHERE.

Yay Diablo! Welcome to Tacolandia.

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