Las Cazuelas del Don, San Jose del Cabo, Mexico

When you enter Las Cazuelas for the first time, you notice three... no, four things.

1. The charm of the small but clean and shaded patio seating area.
2. The charm of the owner.
3. The charm of the brown, clay pots sitting near the kitchen.
4. How clean and peaceful it feels.

Alberto (the Don) of Delicious Tacos

I had previously sampled their deliciousness at the San Jose Farmer's Market, held every Saturday during November - May. They only had two choices that day: Fish & Beef. I wasn't quite sure what I was eating but it was so damn good I vowed to hunt them down at their (new at the time) location. This was back in 2013.

Recently, I finally found my way there... Not hard to find. Just a block above the main highway on Malvarossa which is one block toward Cabo, past the very popular 2nd hand store, Back to the Rack.

Back to the tacos!

The menu is a conversation piece. 7 deadly sins and 5 wicked combinations of grilled meat, 1 chicken and 1 vegetarian - all seasoned perfectly and then slow cooked in a cazuela pot for several hours. Rich and delicious, you can choose how you want it served: a taco, tostada, vampiro etc. The pots are imported from Tlayacapan in the state of Morelos not far from Mexico City. The tradition of cooking in them was passed down from the owners family.

Chicken 'Lust' Vampiro Style with Melted Cheese

'Envy' or 'Gluttony.' Gluttony has bacon. Envy, Chorizo

Even the chips were clean and simple, not too greasy, properly salty with complex salsas. Truly the ideal dining experience when you are visiting a foreign country and even more so if you are a local relying on other local business owners to keep high standards of quality and cleanliness. Can't say enough about this!!!!

Hongo Vegetarian 'Pride.' Meaty and Mighty.

Currently open from about 1pm - 9pm. Local telephone: 624 130 7386

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