Taco T-Shirt Time!

I love t-shirts. T-shirts are sort of like tacos in that you can't have just one! I do this as a hobby and sometimes it becomes a business.

For my friends in Mexico, I co-designed an Anti-Trump-Border Wall t-shirt. It seemed to help people in Baja keep their spirits up during trying times. It also made them feel pretty good about being ex-pats.

From time to time, I bust out a taco tee. There are so many great ones on Etsy and all over the Information Superhighway.

These pro taco tanks are on stylish fashion tees by Alternative Apparel and Bella Canvas. The fit is comfy and the cotton is soft.

You can see more details at www.bocanetas.com or you can order directly right here.

Wear it proudly, say it loudly on your fun in the sun taco crawls.

Taco, taco.


T-Shirt Style

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