Taco Memories: Who Invented the Taco Shell Deep Fryer?

When I was a kid living in Greenwich Village, I used to go to a Day Care Center every day after Elementary School from 3pm - 6pm, until my mom could pick me up after work.

One time, we had a field trip to one of the counselor's apartment. She had the taco filling mix ready. We helped her cut up the tomatoes, grate the cheese, shred the lettuce etc. She pulled out a box of shells and we made and ate tacos.

I remember being fascinated by the box of shells. 'How do they DO that? Make them all u-shaped and everything... YUM!!!!!
Well... apparently we have this man to thank....Juvenico Maldonado, who in 1950 invented the contraption that would make the Taco Bell people and himself really really RICH.

It's been a long time since I've bought a box of shells. I can make crispy ones at home myself, but I think it's cute that people still buy them and serve up tacos that way.

 I will never ever forget that trip to Rosalie's house back in '76. And apparently I will never stop loving or eating crispy tacos.

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