Hello Taco. Welcome to my Crunchy Taco World

I am a lover of tacos.

I know I am not alone.

I am very specifically a lover of the crispy taco.

I love a good crunch that is freshly fried and not too oily. NEVER a boxed shell. Never.

I love a delicious filling, the perfect salsa, lots of fresh lettuce and orange or white shredded cheese.

When done poorly, this is as trashy as it gets. When done right, it's heaven.

I will not descriminate against the soft taco. My goal is to provide taco insight, recipes, advice, whatever I can do to further the cause of the crispy and other more common forms of the taco.

The taco is one of the most perfect food items every created. The taco is perhaps proof that God is Mexican.

A taco a day keeps the blues away!

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