The KO Taco Truck!

Delightful! I can't remember now where exactly I read about them... maybe on the Roadstoves website? They have only been around since June so I don't feel too bad... and they frequent the beachside of things which is far away from Taco Maven Headquarters in Pasadena.

We decided to bust a move on a Monday night. It was actually cold and rainy after having set a record for heat at 113 degrees just one week before.

The head of the whole enterprise, Chris Goossen, is the real thing. He has a star-studded background which includes working for Marky Mark AND having been the opening chef for Bottega Louie. LOTS of success. He was also a street boxer at one point and comes from a family of boxers, hence the KO (knock out) name and the boxing gloves logo.

What Chris tells us in the video remote review, is that the 10 tacos he serves on the truck were painstakingly culled down from a list of 42 that he was asked to create for another restaurant. It was all done with taste tests amongst brilliant palates and I have to say the result is stunning and absolutely the kind of thing I would drive 40 minutes in the rain to eat!

I'm pretty sure they have the only crispy potato taco available on a truck. It was expertly done, soothing even and most likely meant to accompany the spicier options. Most innovative perhaps was the Albacore Tuna taco which had slices of apples, jicama and habanero salsa. Crispy, chilled, fresh... really delicious. We didn't get a chance to try the Cajun Shrimp taco cuz the grits have bacon and Side 'o Rice is all pescatarian and shite.

Just when we thought it couldn't get any better, Chris busted out some complimentary Poke tacos which featured homemade teriyaki sauce. Again with the teriyaki??? Apparently the guys at The Shore are onto something! You could barely taste it, but it added something special.

Of course KO Taco Truck only uses the freshes ingredients, including homemade elusive tortillas made of yellow maize from a semi-secret source! You can follow them on twitter to get up-to-the-minute locations or check out their website... http://www.kotacotruck.com/

You MUST go.... like... NOW.

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