Pumpkin Pinto Bean Pan Fried Tacos Savory and Sweet Variations

Happy Fall! Happy Halloween! Happy Thanksgiving!

Pumpkin pie is awesome, but so are pumpkin tacos! And excellent, soothing, vegetarian, carb on carb meal.

Please see the recipe below, and if you try it, let us know how they came out!

Per taco...

1 white corn Mission Brand tortilla (Any tortilla will do)
2 large tablespoons of canned Rosaritos refried beans
4 sprigs of pan browned chives (just toss for 5 min. in a few drops of olive oil)
1 tbl Herdez medium Salsa Casera (inside taco) salsa as needed outside taco while eating
1 tsp of cilantro paste (from produce section of supermarket) comes in a tube
2 tbl shredded cheese (cheddar/jack mix)
1 tbl of pumpkin pie filling (Libby's) sweeter than the plain stuff pictured...

I used olive oil spray in the pan but feel free to use 1 tbl oil to get a nice crunch feel.

Spread beans, pumpkin, cilantro paste and salsa on one half of the tortilla. Sprinkle on cheese and salsa. Add browned chives - don't chop... use them long - can be bought pre-cut in herb section.

Gently fold in half and brown on each side... about 5 minutes each side... put in oven to keep warm before serving with more salsa and chive garnish...

Of course you could always add fresh jalapeno or onion to this but I would saute first until caramelized. I intended to buy unsweetened pumpkin but couldn't find it. This worked to create a savory taco with a slight hint of sweetness.

I think an all sweet DESSERT taco would be great. I would use Italian cheese, MASCARPONE. 2 TBL of the sweet pumpkin filling. I would add cinnamon and cook it the same way. I would drizzle after cooking with a little caramel and top with fresh whipped cream. Ummmm.... YUM!!!!!

Also as I said on the show, you could be ambitious and make your own fresh pumpkin or butternut squash filling. You could also use whole beans or refried black beans, but the point is for this to be fun and easy and involve almost no cooking!!!!!

If you don't want ANY sweetness at all use the completely unsweetened plain pumpkin filling.

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