Burritos are not Tacos. Why the Taco Maven Prefers Tacos


We taco sluts have to take a break from time to time and eat something else at the local stand. But what? Well... I guess a burrito is the next best thing. El Bandini has been eating tacos and blogging about it for 5 years, so of course he needs to take a break every now and then.

When he told me he was going to do a bean and cheese burrito post, all of a sudden I couldn't stop thinking about bean and cheese burritos. I am not a huge fan of the burrito because in 'America' they are too huge - like some kind of nightmare porn penis - WHAT THE HECK AM I SUPPOSED TO DO WITH THAT?!?!?! "Eat me. Bitchez."

My very best friend in all the world is still a devotee of BAJA BUD'S veggie burrito. It always looks so tasty when she eats it, but that's because she's a friggin supermodel Shewould look good eating a shoe and make you want to eat that shoe too.

Basically, I need crunch and burritos are soft and soggy. I guess all those mushy beans and melted cheese could constitute comfort food, sort of like savory ice cream or mac and cheese. Can you tell I'm not convinced.

IF, and that is a big IF, I am going to have a been and cheese burrito, I like 'em skinny and firm. I don't want to get too full and I don't want to have to eat it fast before it falls apart and get a stomach ache. In Mexico at the OXO which is like their 7-Eleven, they sell AWESOME bean and cheese cigar style burritos. When you order them for breakfast, you get three skinnies instead of one pregnant gordo roll-up.

If this is your thing and you don't know about El Bandini, check out his very thorough and well-thought-out top ten bean and cheese burrito list. It definitely has me thinking... so much so that at Whole Foods today I bought a 'kid's' bean and cheese burrito to go for like $2. It was all yellow gooey cheese after I baked it for 10 minutes, but at least it was small and firm!


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