Taqueria El Greco, Mexico City, La Condesa

The sign alone is priceless. The man in the blue shirt to the left is the proud owner. He is not Middle Eastern, but rather Russian. There is definitely some Middle Eastern culture hanging around here, especially Lebanese.

As we know from our history lesson, the Moors influenced Spain and Spain influenced Mexico.

I am told that the Pastor style taco was brought to this city in the 1950's. But this is not traditional Mexican pastor. They do use pork, but you have the option of pita bread and the spices are definitely 'Greco' or estilo Griega. I absolutely ADORED their pita taco with melted cheese. They also make good looking hamburgers and also steak tacos NOT from the spit, at your request.

Very inexpensive. Very popular. The owner really was a delight. The picture of the food is on a plate back where I am staying. It was crazy busy there, so we got it to go. Great salsas too.

 Ave. Michoacán No.54, Cuauhtémoc, Hipódromo, 06100 Ciudad de México, D.F., Mexico


  1. is not a tradicional arabe taco, the best are in Puebla. Oriental Tacos