Las Glorias de Buen Comer in Silverlake for Great Mexican and Vegetarian Food

Hidden under the freeway in Silverlake, this tiny garden shack serves up delicious homemade Mexican Food. I was driving by, and I really liked their sign. I convinced a local Silverlakian to join me and we fell in love.

Not with each other, but with the food! Then I told a few other locals about it and they still thank me. We all muse how iwe drove by a million times and missed it. Now we're mostly just glad we found it!

I think the name translates into some like... Gloria's place for good eating!

One thing they are known for is their variety of vegetarian menu options. It's quite extensive, down to a vegan meat substitute that really does look like carne asada.

Their only tiny flaw is that it takes a while to get food there. The reason? I'm gonna go with 'fresh takes longer'. Better to call it in and come pick it up which I noticed a lot of people were doing.

If you choose to eat in, leave plenty of time and enjoy all the plants and the fountain on the covered patio.

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