The Meaning of Guisados Style Tacos in Mexico City and Your Gold Teeth

I've always wonder what that word means... 'guisado'. Now I know! It means stew, or stewed meats, veggies, etc. But that's not what I had! I had pastor of course. SHEESH. 5 tacos for about $2 on the streets after midnight.

That's right. TWO DOLLARS. The tortillas were small, about the size of my palm, but loaded with grilled meat, pineapple and hot salsa. Both salsas were above average hot. The green one is avocado and serrano chiles. DIOS MIO!

Before the tacos we went to a place called Diente de Oro (gold tooth). It's a whiskey bar and likes to play American music. Of course I had tequila shots and sangrita!

Iztaccihuatl #36-B, Cuauhtémoc, Hipódromo, 06170 Ciudad de México, D.F., Mexico


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