Tinga Taqueria on La Brea Ave. Los Angeles

Newish trendyish taco place on La Brea. I'm still unclear exactly what is going on there... but I get the feeling it's Indian infused which does NOT interest me. OK. Maybe it's not Indian... but... now I see on YELP that people are comparing it to La Super Rica in Santa Barbara! That is just not possibile and seems WRONG.

Based on this short audio review by J. Gold, sounds like the only yummy thing is the corn.

Here is also a longer review from the LA WEEKLY.

My friend went and was at first entranced by the hip slick vibe and variety, but afterwards, she was in some SERIOUS intestinal distress.

I don't know... I'm not feelin' it. I'm just sayin'..... but that's really not fair. I should try it, and I will!

Here's the link.


UPDATE - I just got around to eating at this place July 2016 and the menu has seriously changed since they began. Adapt and survive. Everything was tasty if not a little large and overkill. Fabulous service and their house salsa is SO ADDICTIVE I'm thinking of driving 20 miles just to buy some to take home and put on my taco.

High marks for really thick delicious tortilla chips and killer Pineapple Lime agua fria.

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