The Xmas Tamale Tradition and Where to Get Them in Los Angeles

I had the privilege for many years of sharing Christmas with a family where the Mom was raised in Texas. She had a very Western Xmas sensibility. She always made enchiladas on Xmas Eve and Tamales on Xmas Day.

I have come to think of this as a tradition, one I have since utilized for myself and other families.

Tamales are just plain fun, especially when paired with a simple salad made of jicama, avocado, tangerines and a light dressing. So easy and delicious.

Two great places to order and pick up some gourmet complex tamales are....

WESTSIDE :: http://www.tamarastamales.com/

EASTSIDE :: http://www.cacaodeli.com/

You can also find them at markets and even on street corners this time of year. They aren't the easiest thing to make, so unless you are really ambitious, support your local tamale makers.


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