Bill Esparza, Street Food Maven, World Traveler, Says Yes to All Good Tacos

Such a great guy. A saxophonist, a foodie in the beyond and a teacher of foodies. Bill! Thank you so much for giving Taco Talk this interview. So many recommendations. So much to try! I encourage you to catch up on your blogging so we can all see the amazing things you are up to foodwise.




Listed Below are the Recommendations Bill gave during the interview...

Drink Cacha├ža
Eat at Metro Balderas on Figueroa for Nana (Pig Uterus)
Check out a guy who makes sausage near Olympic and Alameda at the Produce Market
Drink Volcan de mi Tierra Tequila
Try Escona Tequila
Drink Tequila La Alborada
Eat at Mariscos Jalisco on Olympic and Dacotah
When in Ensenada, Seafood La Guerrerense at Alvarada and 1st.
Travel Latin America Often
Try New Things
Respect Latin Culture

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