My 'Conversation' with Jonathan Gold!

By 'conversation' I mean question and answer via Facebook! Here's what he said.... Some day maybe Dean will beg him to visit us on Taco Talk. Until then.... Viva Facebook!

Taco Maven :: Do you like crispy tacos or are they just too white trash gringa for you? If you DO like, any favorite spots?
Mr. Gold's Response :: Crisp tacos - tacos dorados - are as authentic as any other kind, and you can find them all over Mexico.  I have been known to daydream about the crunchy shrimp tacos one vendor used to make for the old Breed Street gathering in Boyle Heights. (If anybody knows where she is selling now, let me know) My favorite crunchy tacos at the moment? Probably the deep-fried potato taco at El Atacor #11 on Figueroa near 26th in Highland Park.
Taco Maven :: Note to self. I have had trouble finding crispies in Mexico. They make taquitos and they deep fry a quesadilla in a crispy folded corn shell but I have not seen the more gringa style one with lettuce and cheese on any menus. But I have only been to Baja and Mexico City.


  1. MUST get those potato tacos from EL Atacor ASAP!

  2. Not so far from your favorite truck MR. ESTRELLA!!!!!