Rod's Char-Broiler Has Great Old School Tacos

This place is so great. Open for great breakfast burritos early, open late for turkey burgers and roast chicken. Really tasty crunchy greasy crispy ground beef tacos. REALLY GOOD. $1.89. 

Go try it! The breakfast burritos have hash browns in them. OH YEAH. So friendly.

Nice little vintage booths AND TV's!

CASH ONLY but they have an ATM.

2600 Artesia Boulevard Redondo Beach, CA 90278. YELP PAGE


  1. This place is awesome. I live overseas now but miss the beef burrito so much. Do you know what's the beef sauce of the beef burrito Made of?

  2. No idea but it sounds gooooooood. Sorry for comment delay. Sometimes I don't see these things! :)