El Pollo Loco's Surprisingly Good Fish and Chicken Tacos

Ah the memories. How I used to love this place when low prices and big portions where paramount in my young life!

I hadn't been there for 15 years when I sat in on a Drive-Thru Taco Taste Test panel with Dean Valentine on his internet show Playing With Food. It was great fun. The truth is that their crispy chicken taco with roast chicken was stellar.

You can hear an edited mp3 of that episode HERE.

I haven't been back mostly because there hasn't been a Pollo Loco in front of me at the right moment. This week Side 'o Rice stopped in for their new Baja Style Fish Taco. He is really really really PICKY and he really really liked it. He got a taco and a large drink for under $4.

It reminds me of this awesome place I like to go down the Baja Peninsula in Todos Santos called Pollo Chiqui. All they do is roast chickens on a spit all day by the side of the road, and they are slightly yellow with Achiote just like Pollo Loco.

They also have the same style salsa that Pollo Loco serves. It must be a regional thing or an Ancient Cholo Secret.

Hurry in because it appears as though they will only be available for a limited time.

Good goin' Pollo Loco!

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