Erika & Kimberly's Beverly Hills Taco Truck

I came across this truck in Beverly Hills about a month ago. It's near where I work. Then I came across it again in a slightly different location.

The first time I asked the woman who was cooking and she said it wasn't her truck. Then I got more info that both the cook and the younger gal who takes your orders both work for the woman who owns a catering business named after her daughters.

The food is incredibly fresh. Every day they have something different. One time it was picadillo, then crispy chicken/potato tacos, then fried whole fish. Delicious, fast, cheap, fabulous.

I guess they do catering too.

You can find them on Doheny in the morning, about 2 blocks up on the right side. Then they move over to Lexington and Rexford for lunch and then up to the Coldwater Canyon Park across from the Fire Station after that.

If you are anywhere nearby, it's worth it to give them a call...


  1. From one taco lady to another, we have to support women owned businesses.

    Glad to see this type of story, thanks for sharing!

  2. Thank you for your comment Jackie J. - I agree!