Piraat Beer and Baja Cabo Taco Grill

After my adventure in La Mirada with craft beers and delicious gourmet tacos, I am now inspired! I picked this beer up at a liquor store next to a taco stand (see our Gerlach's review) because I loved the swashbuckling label. I drank some on the show and it was pretty much everything they say it is... (see promo below) It was kind of pricey... $5.50 for just the one small bottle, but worth trying.

Thanks again to Kenny Yowell and Bill Hemphill for hooking us up on Beer Dinner night!

Piraat Ale from the Van Steenberge Brewery located in Ertvelde, Belgium.

Based on ales drunk by seafaring captains in the 17th and 18th century, Piraat is an IPA historically but a Triple in strength. Piraat comes in at a chest hair growing 10.5% ABV.

Despite the high alcohol content, Piraat is an extremely flavorful and aromatic ale. It pours with a nice golden hue and subtle haze and smells of citrus and hops. The head is thick and creamy and gives off a waft of spices and fruitiness.

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