Roy Choi and the Kogi Taco Truck Revolution!

Roy Choi. Great name. Great enterprise. Great talent. Great guy. It's really quite amazing, both the taco fusion and taco truck movement which if you have to pick one catalyst, it's him!

 Am I a fan of the tacos? Yes and no. I love what he has done for tacos, food fusion and food trucks in general. I like all his sauces and high quality fillings, but there is something about the sweetness of the Kogi BBQ sauce that can be a little heavy for my personal tastes. And there is the issue of kimchi.... not my fav. Also, I really really really really dislike waiting in line. Maybe if I had an iPhone... or more friends who were willing to wait in line with me. Hmmmm? Yes.

His total dominance of the taco truck and food world is undeniable, and to this force of culinary creativity and competence, the Taco Maven bows down.

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