El Tejuino Potato Tacos & Birria on Florence Blvd.

On my way back to Amapola for Valentine's Day Strawberry Masa, I noticed this truck again. I'd noticed it the first time but was more concerned about finding the market. Seemingly, the stretch of Florence Blvd. between the 110 and Compton Blvd. is a taco truck MECCA.

Incredible stuff... A truck and a brick and mortar of Mariscos Nayarit, a Tacos de Estilo DF truck, a Tacos Arandas Truck, a Los Reyes Truck and the one that had 'the vibe', Tejuino.

It was 6 o'clock and they were shutting down. I scampered out of my car (they are on the same block of Florence as the Swap Meet... around Central or Avalon). I think they were surprised to see a Gringa hitting up their truck so they asked a lot of questions.

They also gave me some fun 'end of the day' samples; a delicious cup of tomato consume birria broth with onions and cilantro. BRILLIANT! And also the Aztec drink the truck is named for, Tejuino which taste a little like Tamarindo but creamier and sweeter with corn 'milk' and other magical ingredients.

I could see from the back of the truck sign that they had 'tacos dorados', but what kind? Turns out potato and also simple cheese ones (made with requeson). 75 cents each. Small, but beyond crispy and tasty.

Perfectly seasoned potatoes, nice cabbage onion slaw on top. I know these are meant to be eaten WITH the Birria probably... but you know I'm wimpy. Not quite ready for the goat stew but I know people who are.

It's a father and son team and the father has been cooking for over 20 years. They are only there during the day, until 6 pm , maybe later as Spring approaches. I don't think my pix do it justice but boy were those tacos exactly perfectly right.

Follow them on FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/eltejuinazo

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