Jonathan Sedlar & Flower Pressed Tortillas

I have been hearing about this man and his food since 1987. My ex-in-laws were huge fans and even had the cookbook. I can still see that Navajo Blanket Jicama Beet Salad in my mind's eye. They have eaten at ALL of his restaurants. I haven't made it even to one, usually for financial reasons.

I had heard that he was pressing flowers into tortillas at his downtown restaurant Rivera, and now at his new restaurant, Playa. I had some success with my own imitation on Valentine's Day but I didn't realize I was supposed to use wax paper with the tortilla press! Double Doh and Duh.

Here is a great instructional video on how to make your own fancy schmancy tortillas with flowers in them. I used lavender and rosemary flowers and some geraniums. Gelson's usually has some edible flowers for sale near the salad and herbs. Bristol Farms probably does too.

Here also is a great link to all of the LA Weekly articles about him.

Older Bio can be found here.

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