Taco Night at The Oaks, Beachwood Canyon, Hollywood

What an amazing place. They already made the LA Weekly's 30 burgers in 30 days. They have more gourmet food items squeezed into a tiny space than I have ever seen. One stop shopping for cheese, wine, beer, soda, sandwiches, burgers, and yes, TACOS!!!!!!!

On Friday nights starting at 6pm they bust out some serious taco moves. Different tacos every week. Last night they had pork belly tacos, shrimp, carne asada, lamb and tofu. You can pick any 2 for $8.95 or go up from there with various taco and sides combinations.

I had the lamb and the tofu. The lamb was tender, flavorful and delicious. The tofu had an amazing green cilantro sauce that I would put on everything for the rest of my life. Taco Garnish Patrol would have added mint and maybe a pinch of feta to the lamb and something green to the tofu one as well. But really those are just fine tuning comments. The tacos were great.

Super fun way to start your Hollywood bound Friday evening.

They have a nice big communal table inside and cute tables outside.

They took over what used to be the world's oldest diviest liquor store. Back in 1985, when I was a starving, wannabe actress living in Beachwood Canyon with Sean Penn and Madonna as my neighbors, I used to go there for chips.  I fell in love with the area then and it's always fun to go back.

The Oaks Gourmet Market is located on the corner of Bronson and Franklin right near Beachwood Canyon.

Taco night is every Friday. They have other fun 'food nights' as well so follow them on Twitter!


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