Taco History: Those Girls From The Border Grill, Los Angeles

Susan Feniger and Mary Sue Milliken. Pioneers of the LA Foodie Scene along with Mr. Puck and his Pizza.

These two have been testing the waters and succeeding since 1980 with their City Restaurant on La Brea.

Their first gourmet Mexi place was a jewel on Melrose (in the original City Cafe spot before they moved to La Brea) where I had my first runny fresh corn tamale and thought they were crazy but loved it.  This was the first Border Grill until it expanded, moved to Santa Monica and essentially became a chain of sorts.

Maybe Julia Child should have played football? Oh the irony of her last name!

They also had one of the first LA based gourmet food shows. I always thought their chemistry was funny because they seemed really bitchy with each other, like sisters or best friends. Two Hot Tamales. Too clever. They appeared with Julia Child on her show too.

They hung on all through the excessive 80's, trendy 90's and into the new century with their Border Grill Restaurant and also Ciudad which I was sad to see was converted back to a Border Grill last year to mark the 25th Anniversary of Border Grillism. They also have a Vegas restaurant. Need I say more?

Susan Feniger recently opened STREET on La Brea, in keeping with small bite trends and global food influences. And now... NOW they have a taco truck!!!! Menu looks super fun! Way to go girlies.

PS. Their Mesa Mexicana cookbook is GREAT.

Border Grill Website

Current Info About Events Etc.

Bios of both Gals

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