Josh Lurie & Food GPS

We are very excited to have such a heavy hitter blogger on our show this Thurs. Listen to episode # 24 HERE. Josh is very polite, professional and his blog is fantastic!

He is serious about food and has been blogging a long time. He's a trendsetter rather than a follower. He well-connected to all the brilliant food bloggers out there and from time to time they do great taco-focused posts, like the one below on Carnitas!

They are called the Taco Task Force. How clever is that?

He's also a pork lover and came up with something called Vitamin P for his blog. We all need Vitamin P. Every. Single. Day. Bacon... (drool.)

Carnitas Competion

Potato Taco Competition

Fish Taco Competition

I like how thoughtful and scientific these Taco Crawls are with scores down to 2 points after the decimal! I also like how the blog is all inclusive; all foods, all locations, all libations. There is an incredible wealth of food information on this blog.


God bless the food bloggers.

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