Mexicali Taco Co. The Best Parking Lot Tacos in LA

Esdras on the left and Javi in the hat.

I first had these tacos about a month ago at a special event that paired them with Ricky's Fish Tacos. They had started to appear on my radar and I was super curious. They first appeared on the Street Gourmet LA blog back in September 2010 in a great post about Carne Asada Tacos.

Just a few days ago, they won the LA TACO sponsored Best Taco in Los Angeles. They beat 32 other purveyors including my favorite, who lost in the final round by 20 votes, Mariscos Jaliscos. The two guys that run the place are incredibly nice, dedicated and charming. They will be appearing with me on Taco Talk this Thurs. for episode #24 and we are very excited.

Below is a video we made of the special Baja Night. They really do capture both the spirit of street food and the quality of a gourmet food experience. Brava! & Congratulations!

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