Don Lalo's Shrimp Tacos, Ojai CA

I have long been complaining about the lack of good tacos in Ojai. It seems like every place on the main drag is designed for the unsuspecting tourist willing to hope that the food will be good, only to leave disappointed, never to return.

As I am housesitting up here for the month of July I have had more time to search the neighborhoods. Last week I found a gem, Don Lalo's. It is on a side street, a place you would never randomly drive by, because it is squirreled away in the backside of Ojai.

Don Lalo's is at 585 Roblar street, right near a pretty good pizza place called Papa Lennon's. They have been doing very well and the owner, Angel is a charmer. Sadly, only 5 people have bothered to give them Yelp support, but that's how it can be in a small town.

Right away I loved their cool cowboy sign. I tried the shrimp taco on Angel's recommendation and it was uniquely delicious and perfectly spicy. Sauteed in a red sauce with lots of onions it was so tasty. They also have tasty crispy tacos, but Angel admits that he has to do the shells in advance and so they are not the same as those that are deep fried with the filling inside right before serving.

No matter. Plenty of great stuff to choose from including amazing breakfast items (they open at 7am!) and a chile relleno burrito. YUMEE. Everything is fresh and clean and Angel doesn't believe in salsa bars because they carry too much bacteria for his A rating health department compliant tastes.

He has applied for a liquor license, and soon they will be serving beer and wine. It's a lovely place to come and eat and chat.

Give it a try and tell him the Taco Maven sent you.

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