Spencer McKenzie's Fish Company, Ventura CA


In Downtown Ventura, at the intersection of Thompson and Ash are two places for Tacos. One is Corrales and the other is Spencer Makenzie's. Both of them have multiple locations around Ventura. 

The taco menu at Corrales didn't look THAT exciting, but OH the choices at Spencer Makenzie's. The Gourmetdar bell was clanging.

Too many choices! But I could only eat 2 so I tried the special (god it was huge) Calamari Taco for $5.25 and the absolutely perfect ground beef hard shell taco for $2.75. 

They dust the shell with parmesan and the filling was GREAT.

They have four exotic sauces; a habanero which is slightly sweet, a green, a carribean and an asian style chili sauce. I didn't try the carribean and maybe that's the one I should have had because the other two reds were too sweet for me.

They have something called 'Brooklyn Style' where you get both Spencer's sauce and the chili sauce on top. It was cool, but a little too much going on in the end for me personally.

I'm sure their fish tacos are great. They will batter or grill, flour or corn. Really nice people, a small outdoor patio and tons of room inside around a long counter top.

I heard from several people there that the place across the street, Corrales, is good in a 'down and dirty' sort of way. 

Seemingly, you can't go wrong at this intersection in Downtown Ventura.

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