Sea Ranch, Gualala and other August Tacos Including Tacos from The Gap!

Where did Agosto go? I think it got lost in a house remodeling job I took on as a supervisor. As busy as I was, I still managed to bump into the Gap Promotional Taco Truck Tour. The truck was light blue and had a neon sign that flashed DENIM and TACOS alternately.  Silly? Yes! But fun and a great deal at 2 tacos and a soda for $1.69! What were they promoting? Jeans of course.

I tried the Ahi Tuna Tacos at Rockwell VT on Vermont and loved them. They use actual little mini taco shells instead of wonton shells which was a welcome change.

I made it to Malo to confirm what I already knew which is that I still  LOVE LOVE LOVE that Ground Beef Pickle taco. I don't care what anyone says against it. It's irrational. It's somebody's mama's taco so, there.

I managed to get away for a mini Road Trip to visit some dear family friends who now spend most of their time up in Sea Ranch.

Normally when I visit them, Annie makes her AMAZING Texas-style Ground Beef Tacos. Her secret? Bacon fat and Lawry's mix. They are so damn good. But this time I could tell she didn't feel like cooking so we went to this very nice place for tacos up in Gualala called Laura's Bakery and Taqueria.

Gualala is the tiniest of towns with an Indian heritage and a nice Latin population. There is endless construction, gardening and maintainence needs down at the Sea Ranch and so of course there must be TACOS. Laura's was very authentic, tasty and inexpensive and they have a lovely outdoor patio AND BEER! Victoria Beer even!!! The Carnitas were especially delish.

On the way down from Sea Ranch I passed through Healdsburg. Healdsburg is probably one of the fanciest spots in this area, lots of rich women dressed in white and swanky modern hotels such as http://www.h2hotel.com/

I heard there was lots of Mexi Food in Healdsburg and indeed there was. I walked around the square and spotted at least four before settling on El Sombrero. It came with a recommendation from locals and was right across from the Police Station where I used the bathroom!

I could see that people were loving their burritos and soft tacos. I just HAD to try the hardshell and it was a little funky. Like their chips, the 'crispy' shell seemed to come out of a bag or box. It was odd and not what I hoped for, BUT the filling was so delicious and their hotter red salsa so tasty, I gobbled that thing right up even though I'd had a sizeable ham and cheese croissant at Two Fish Baking Company for breakfast!

I spent the night in Santa Rosa. I had intended to have some fancy tacos and tequilla at La Rosa, but instead I kept passing by the adorable and friendly El Coqui as I was trying to find a parking space. I wasn't feeling trendy but in need of some comfort food I could take back to the hotel so I ventured in, was treated like an old friend and had delicious Puerto Rican food.

Very similar to Cuban but with more spice and heat, the Jabaritos, which was a fried green plantain 'sandwich' with tasty ground beef filling, really hit the spot.  El Coqui has been open for two years and has great happy hours with beer and sangria and a very warm and friendly staff.

Later today I plan to hit up this place on the 5 that my friend Dana told me about called Antojitos Mexicanos. Can't decide if it's a movie opportunity or just a photo opp. We'll find out!


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