Ana's Food Taquizas & Taco Catering

I went to a party catered by two lovely ladies, one of them named Ana.

Their food was really delicious. They had the usual grilled suspects.... asada, pollo, carnitas and they were also making crispy chicken/potato tacos. I really liked their salsas and they were truly happy to make any combo you requested.

This is Ana!

They had both flour and corn tortillas and were making quesadillas as well. Everyone kept going back for more. An excellent sign! You can contact them by email :: anaolvera37@yahoo.com

Recently, while at a party to celebrate the new ownership at the Hermosa Saloon down in the Southbay, I came across another great caterer: Chihuahua's. 

By the time I got there, most of the free food was gone, but there was just enough left that I could sample the bits and I was impressed with those bits. The asada was nice and caramelized but not dry, the chicken was juicy and the salsas were super tasty. 

I would definitely hire them as well. They also have a taco place down in Norwalk. http://www.yelp.com/biz/tacos-chihuahua-norwalk)

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