Plancha Tacos! Hollywood

I love this place. They are so AWESOME. Here are the reasons for their AWESOMENESS... (not necessarily in order!)

1. They serve breakfast all day (until Midnight in fact)
2. They are good at Tweeting!
3. They have lettuce wrap tacos that are done with Boston lettuce and not Iceberg!
4. Their shrimp tacos with cheese sauce are SUICIDALLY HEAVENLY!
5. The people who work there are BEYOND nice.
6. They have FREE WIFI
7. It's very clean inside.
8  They have excellent vegetarian options
9. Their beans are a creamy mix of black and pinto
10. They make TOGO ordering E-Z.

veggie menu

Several people told me about this place but none of them could remember the name! Uh... it's on 3rd street kind of on a side street but it's really good.... I think of 3rd St. and all I can think of is Joan's and I start to salivate.

shrimp and fish tacos

Plancha is located next to a little mini mall at the corner of Sweetzer & 3rd St. There is decent parking in the hood and they have a few outside tables too if you want to bring your Chihuahua.

8250 W. 3rd St.


Casa Vega, A Classic in Studio City CA

Celebrating it's 55th year at the corner of Ventura Blvd. and Fulton in Studio City, Casa Vega is an LA institution.

We had a lovely visit with the current owner, Christy Vega and she fed us and told us Hollywood stories about Cary Grant and her Grandparents' restaurant on Olvera Street.

I am still thinking about their amazing Blood Orange Margarita, the Soy Sausage Vegetarian Mexican Pizza, the tender Pastor Tacos and the crunchy, crispy, deep fried, Chicken Old School Tacos.

Such a fun place, and there is really nothing else like it in that neck of the woods.

Viva la Vega!



Happy National Taco Day in LA!

I personally do not NEED an excuse to eat tacos, but if you do... here it is! I'm thinking maybe Doritos or Taco Bell is behind this, but either way, it's a great excuse to celebrate tacos.

Here are 3 places I find particularly reliable and satisfying with regards to their tacos selection ::

MY TACO - Located in Highland Park on the ever hipper York Blvd, My Taco has the most awesome crispy potato tacos. Pretty sure you can get beer here and on weekends, one of the best Barbacoa de Borrego around. Friendly and affordable I always love my taco at MY TACO.

LOTERIA GRILL STUDIO CITY - I love this location of Jimmy Shaw's consistently appetizing Mexican food. Their Taco Sampler is amazing as is their Grilled Skirt Steak and Tamarindo Margarita. Clean, friendly, and very creative. They also do lettuce tacos which I love to eat when I'm dieting. Loteria Grill Studio City

MARISCOS JALISCO BOYLE HEIGHTS - They are only open 10-5 so it's not too late to go for lunch or an early dinner. The owner Raul is the best. His taco is a magical combination of delicious shrimp, silky avocado and a crunchy crispy shell. Everything is fresh daily and Raul's daughters serve you tacos with a smile. What more can you ask for under $2? NOTHING. Except you will have to eat at least two because they are ADDICTIVE.  KCRW Food Event w/ Mariscos Jalisco

Go forth and taco my children and let us know how it goes.

ox the Taco Maven