How to Make Sangria That Won't Give you a Headache!

What better drink for a Taco Party than Sangria. Especially if it's on a weeknight and your friends aren't tequila hounds or beer buds.

Here is a decent recipe from HOW TO. There videos are FUN. But here's how to adjust this so your head won't hurt. First, FORGET THE SUGAR. You don't need it.

Second, Triple Sec is CRAP. Use Grand Marinier or Cointreau. Trust the French on this one even though it's a Spanish drink you are making! Use less than the recommend - only 2 oz.

Add more fruit! Lemon is not good in Sangria. Skip the limes and the lemon juice as well. In addition to the oranges, add some apples and pears. YUM.

A lot of people want bubbles in their Sangria so they add Sprite or 7-UP. I say NO. If you're really dying to, go ahead and add a splash of club soda but no more sugar here, please.

I recently did have a Vodka Sangria and I couldn't believe it. I couldn't taste the Vodka and it gave the Sangria more of a kick. If you go for the Brandy - go high quality. Not crap. Crap will give you a headache. Also on the Vodka, no Svedka! Tito's or Smirnoff.

Some crazy people put cinnamon in their Sangria. Ok. Sure. Maybe...

If you want it to be sweeter because you are having, say, an ALL GIRLS party. Use sliced strawberries, and maybe 4 oz of Pineapple juice.

Que rico!

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