More Taco Memories of Jack in the Box

When I was a kid, I rode horses almost every day. I actually took a bus from the Westside all the way to friggin' Northridge! I'm guessing it was about 30 miles. It took over an hour but I was able to do some of my homework on the ride.

My mom worked for Paramount Studios at the time, for an up-and coming whippersnapper of a young executive (Jeffrey Katzenberg). She worked from 8am to 8pm everyday and would come from Hollywood to pick me up in Northridge so I wouldn't have to take the bus both ways. We were both very dedicated to our passions.

This happened about 2x per week and dinner was the same everytime... Jack in the Box. Way back when they had something called the "Super Taco." Not the 'Monster' taco, but the SUPER taco. It was a few inches bigger than the Monster and had this pretty amazing salsa that was chunky and kind of like Ortega bottled salsa or Herdez Salsa Casera.

Man I loved those tacos. I remember one occasion where I ordered and ate five of them. The oily crunchy shell, the mystery filling, the melted rubbery "American" cheese slice and that salsa. I always asked for extra salsa and they were always piping hot.

This was in the 80's. I guess at some point in the 90's, the Super Taco morphed into something else. That fancy salsa was probably too expensive.

How I miss that taco and of course that time when I was much younger, thinner, and weekly horseback riding was part of my life!

Riding in Baja, 2009


  1. YES... YES.. YES... The super taco.. Where have you gone..?? Growing up my favorite meal was two super tacos and fries.. Unfortunately my mom wouldn't allow that meal more than once a month.. When I was old enough to make my own dining decisions, the super taco had morphed into the monster taco.. DAMN... The monster taco was nothing more than a larger version of the regular taco..

    Jack In The Box - Super Tacos with that excellent salsa.. Come Back.. Please for the love of all that is holy, Come Back..!!

  2. I have lots of memories of that Super Taco. Great times and Great fast food. Yupppp... When the super taco was pulled from the menu, I Pretty much stopped eating at Jack. Wish they would bring it back exactly the way it was back then and not scrimp on it.

  3. Oh how taco times have changed! Glad I'm not alone in remembering that awesome fast food treat.