Taco Roundup #1 - La Fogota, Rambo's and Jose O'Malley's

I have to really really really LOVE a place to give it a fancy post (like Plancha. I luff them). Otherwise, if I'm not as inspired, this Roundup idea is the way to go.... Just to keep track... Of all the tacos and Mexican food I've been eating.

They are in Sherman Oaks. Cute cozy spot. Lots of treats. I had a few tacos and they were good but not that exciting. When it gets crowded, service is pretty slow.

Also in Sherman Oaks. Last time I went there was about 15 years ago. I was craving a good crispy taco but it was a Sat. night and I just couldn't brave the crowds in Hollywood. I am now living closer to Studio City/Sherman Oaks area (temporarily I hope!) so this was the closest crispy. It was really good. I got it to go as the place was CRAWLING with families and kids. Super noisy too. They don't use lard and they are very efficient and affordable. Glad they are still in business.

Funky little truck that parks at Venice and Sepulveda sometimes and then maybe moves to Venice and Overland. I thought their whole pinto beans and their veggie Torta were particularly good. Tacos were decent but a little plain.

The chef at Hot's Kitchen told me their breakfast burrito was the bomb and man was he right. It's crazy... eggs, sausage, hash browns, ham, bacon and cheese! I think you can get chorizo instead if you want. It's so fresh, their salsas are rad AND they have a pastor trompo later in the day. I like the Manhattan Beach location on Aviation.

Near LAX on Aviation, this place is actually worthy of a movie and a blog post. GREAT veggie selection, breakfast, crispy tacos, fish tacos, the whole 9 yards, all served in a cute little cafe with a patio. Oh and they have beer too!

Mexican scramble breakfast

Mostly (or always) parked on Eagle Rock Blvd near York. The best thing about this truck is the amazing art. Tacos are fresh, small, good tortillas, spicy salsa. It's a strong 'like' but not a 'love'. Still, if you find yourself in that hood, they are consistently reliable for a tasty taco snack.

Used to go to the one on Burbank everday when I was teaching at a school nearby. They were good then and they are even better now. Totally out of control with organic, sustainable, healthy, lard free options. The one in Beverly Hills is muy fancy. They did some lettuce shrimp tacos for me but you can also get grilled fish plates and many other fun items.

Hotspot Winebar in downtown LA. Beautiful decor, and a great Happy Hour. They have carnitas at their happy hour and fried fish tacos at lunch. The fish is fancy and flakey and the batter is nice but on the day we went we were not loving the tartar style sauce that drenched the cabbage. Worth checking out the Happy Hour for sure.

Pretty much across the street from the smaller Mariscos Chente. I really liked this place. Love the spicy rubbed grilled shrimp (Sandeados) and the house salsa. The tacos are a little weird. Different regional style that features frozen mixed veggies and lots of chopped up shrimp and fish. Didn't try any of the meat tacos but still think this is a fun Inglewood family spot.

I was so intrigued by the name and some of the reviews that I went to a food truck event in the boondocks of N. Hollywood to seek them out. Their logo is awesome. Very nice people. The meats inside the taco were very flavorful and juicy. I was hoping with the name they would have an old school ground beef taco but alas, they didn't. Selection was pretty simple as well. I really liked the salsa.

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