San Marcos Mexican Grill, Van Nuys, CA

I am a taco reviewer that likes to focus on the positive. What's the point in really bagging on something? Every now and then I get upset enough to bag, but I perfer to talk about a place's strengths and so I will (more or less) with San Marcos.

They are located in Van Nuys, a neighborhood I have been frequenting of late. I drove by and I got the 'vibe'. Yelp confirmed my suspicions that this place had good tacos.

The first time I went,, I got a burrito. WHY? I don't know!!!! It was cold out and I was craving a melty refried bean and cheese classic. Not too big... $3 or $4 bucks maybe. Well... they don't really make those here. Their burritos are MASSIVE and most people like it like that. They come with meat, beans, rice and salsa. Guacamole if you like and they cost around $8. Because they are HUGE. Seriously... they weigh at least a lb. I tried to coax them into making what I wanted but it didn't work. DISASTER really.

BUT, I gave them another chance. I went back for breakfast and am pleased to report that their food is great. Everything is fresh. They have a fun comfy 'cafe' atmosphere and eating there is definitely recommended. We had Huevos Mexicanos, and an array of tacos. All of them were very tasty. They give you melted beans with your chips. They use mostly cotija cheese and maybe one other white medium hard cheese but don't seem to keep on hand the shredded cheddar variety (which is prob a good thing). They also have crispy tacos! YAY.

If you are anywhere nearby, give them a try. While the giant burrito carries a hefty price tag, the tacos are the usual $1.25 and the breakfasts are reasonable too.

5939 Hazeltine Ave.
Van Nuys CA
818 781-3040

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  1. We have a great local place in the Chicago area that we love - Tacos el Norte. Excellent tacos, both chick and beef, though they have all offerings. It's a great little local place, but those are typically the best ones around.