Taco Roundup #2 - La Chispita N. Hollywood, El Patron y Taco Nazo

Yee-haw! I luv me some tacos. Lately I have been eating a lot of tacos that are pretty darn good, but nuthin' to really 'Yee-haw' about. But still... as a taco reporter, I must report! And report I shall. 

These are places that if you find yourself passing by, you definitely should stop but don't go out of your way to go there. Except for La Chispita. That one you should go out of your way for. You won't be sorry.

El Taco Nazo Shrimp Taco

Before Xmas I was at the Vet's and we started talking tacos. He sent me out to El Taco Nazo in Azusa. I liked it. I really did. It was cheap. They had cripsy potato tacos. They had Ensenada style fish and shrimp, blistered guero chiles and other authentic items. BUT... maybe because it's a chain? Maybe because they had a TV going? I don't know. It wasn't cozy. I would still drive to Tacos Baja Ensenada on Atlantic over and over again for the same type of thing. But they were def. really similar. If you find yourself in the direction of their 5 locations, you can't lose. Their batter and salsas are very tasty.

I have been spending a lot of time in Sherman Oaks and Studio City, rediscovering a neighborhood I used to know. I came upon the newly opened Saint Augustin restaurant right around Xmas. A very nice family making very nice 'fresh to order' food. This place IS cozy and I would be happy to settle down there with a beer and some tacos any time. I was in a fish taco mood so I grabbed some fish and shrimp tacos to go for a friend. They will grill or batter to your preference. They also have some nice pastor and VERY fresh pico de gallo. A great place in the valley for a high quality home-cooked Mexican meal. They are located on Burbank Blvd. right before Whitsett on the S. side of the street.

Saint Augustin Grilled Shrimp Tacos

The first time I went out to Pacoima for tacos and tamales near the Superior market, I saw the EL PATRON taco truck but the line was too darn long. The second time I went there was no line (early evening on a Sunday) but they were already out of their trompo pastor. RATS. I had a few asada tacos and also pastor on the grill and both were good. The boys working there are very cheeky, but the quality is excellent. Super fun. Super cheap. 

El Patron taco truck on Laurel Canyon in Pacoima

Taqueria La Chispita. THIS place is worth writing home about and they get a  'Yee-haw' and a 'Cowboy Hat Wave.' The bummer is I forgot my camera and was forced to take crappy pix with my crappy Samsung phone. This place is EFFING GREAT because they have a pastor trompo and plenty of pineapple going all day and night. I think it's better than Leo's. Located in N. Hollywood on Lankersheim right next to the McDonald's, they stay open 'till at least 3am on weekends. Tacos are $1 each and come with complimentary beans on a crispy tostada. Great salsas. Great people. You might want to get them to go because it's just a dive spot with picnic benches. Or you could stand around slighty drunk and eat standing up!

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